Why Your Car Needs Routine Maintenance

There Is No “Routine” Without Routine Maintenance — API Auto Repair

If you operate a business fleet, you’ll learn quickly that there is no “routine” without routine maintenance for your vehicles. Trucks, vans, or autos need regular attention to operate safely and last a long time. Both those factors are important to efficient business practices and your bottom line. Whether you make regular deliveries around town, truck goods across the country, or make house-to-house service calls, you have to stick to a routine. Your customers count on your timeliness, yet unsafe or unreliable vehicles ruin that routine. To ensure that your fleet is up to the challenge, count on API Auto Repair in Elkridge, Maryland, for all your service needs.

Exactly what should be in the routine?

Organization is a fairly simple yet huge part of fleet maintenance. It’s essential to keep a checklist for each vehicle. That’s not hard for one, but it’s a bit more complicated to manage when you have five or ten or . . . You get the point. There are several ways to stay on top of your fleet. The first step, develop a written set of driver protocols. Your manual should include your company regulations regarding safe driving, procedures to follow if there’s an incident, and a process for reporting mechanical problems to you (or the person you’ve assigned to manage your fleet). You benefit from driver reports of potential problems because timely repairs of minor issues may prevent major fixes later on.

Step two, find a way to organize maintenance records and schedules effectively. One option is the use of technology. This will help ensure that you don’t miss important dates, service points, specific vehicle needs, etc. You may even want to purchase a fleet management software package if you have a number of autos, or you can stick with a spreadsheet and save a little money if your fleet is small. No matter how you keep your records, make sure you organize your mechanical checklist around preventive maintenance services. Record odometer readings and the dates of services (fluid checks, tire rotations, oil changes, air conditioner inspections, etc.). This will help you make sure each vehicle remains roadworthy. Also, review any special operating conditions of your fleet. Harsh or unusual conditions could impact the needed service points or their scheduling frequency.

Help with Sticking to Your Routine

If keeping a handle on so many details for each fleet vehicle (multiplied by the number in the group) feels a bit overwhelming or if you realize that it’s taking your attention away from conducting daily business, let the certified technicians and helpful clerical staff at API Auto Repair in Elkridge, Maryland, assist you. Our routine can help you stick to yours.

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