What to Look For in a Fleet Management Company

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You have a business to run. And while you’re great at multitasking and staying on top of many things at once, you may feel like drawing the line at fleet management. You’re watching the orders and the bottom line, not the date the oil was changed in every single vehicle you own. Yet skipping routine maintenance will cost you in the long run. We get that! And if you choose us, we’ve got that, too. For all your fleet management needs, count on API Auto Repair in Bel Air, Maryland, to be your partner. We’ll take care of the “wheels” so you can take care of everything else.

Traits to Look for in a Fleet Management Company

When you’re seeking a prospective fleet management company, make sure to consider which traits are most relevant to your business and important to you. Those are the primary considerations that should drive your choice. Next, align your company’s specific needs with what a prospective candidate can offer and/or is capable of delivering. Also, consider their reputation quality, price, warranty, and turnaround time, etc.

Another major factor hinges upon the kind(s) of vehicles in your fleet. Do you have a group of small delivery cars, a number of service vans or trucks, many large/heavy-duty trucks, or some combination thereof? What you own will depend on the kinds of services you require, and in some cases, technicians will need particular certifications. When needed, that related training will ensure that they not only understand the vehicle(s) but also that their work will suffice to protect the auto’s warranty. Additionally, think about any additional services you prefer. Do you want a one-stop-shop to take care of breakdowns that include roadside service and towing? Or will you contract on your own to obtain these services prior to your vehicle reaching the shop? Also, does the shop stock or have easy access to parts and tires, and are they insured for damages to your vehicle while it’s in their care? Finally, don’t forget to check hourly labor rates for repairs and the cost of flat fee repairs.

Fleet Service Just Down the Street

If you’re looking for a fleet service provider to partner with you in taking care of your vehicles, you won’t need to go far. If you operate in the Bel Air, Maryland, area, API Auto Repair is just down the street. Regardless of the make, model, or the number of wheels in your fleet, we’ve got you covered. Specific services include factory scheduled and preventive maintenance, semi and commercial truck repair, pre-purchase inspections, state, and DOT inspections, and fleet accounts. (See Services page.) We make it our business to take care of yours.

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