Keeping Your Fleet On the Road

Your business or organization can remain productive and on the road when you bring your vehicles to API Auto Repair in Elkridge, MD. Our team of highly qualified technicians will put your fleet on an effective service plan. We’re able to diagnose your fleet’s engine system, mechanical systems, and electrical systems with our state-of-the-art tools and equipment. For your fleet to stay ahead of expensive and time-consuming repair needs, a quality maintenance schedule is necessary. We pay careful attention to your vehicle’s operation with thorough inspection services and make sure it meets your expectations. Timing is very important when it comes to servicing your fleet. Our maintenance services are quick but thorough. With the latest technologies and service techniques, we’re able to provide the fastest turnaround service. Most of our fleet services are Sprinter van services. In addition to our Sprinter service expertise, we also have a background in European autos. We help you cut out downtime in the garage or service bay. Your business will continue to make money and remain productive as long as it’s on the road.

The most important maintenance service for your fleet is the oil change schedule. Our quality services are on time and they help you preserve your vehicle’s resale value and longevity. We’ll design your fleet’s service plan and consider your vehicle’s age and your driving habits. Your vehicles have a specific purpose that will require a specific oil change schedule. If your fleet of vehicles is used for towing, loading, excess traveling, etc. we’ll need to pay close attention to the engine maintenance and operation. An engine that is expected to work harder will need shorter service intervals. API Auto Repair understands how to service your fleet for better performance today, tomorrow, and far into the future. We’re here to protect your fleet and keep your business profitable. You don’t have time to worry about how your vehicles will get back on the road. You can leave all of your fleet service, repair, and maintenance needs to the highly qualified team at API Auto Repair.

Schedule Your Fleet Repairs Today!

We’re here to prevent costly repairs and breakdowns that might keep your fleet off the road. You can trust API Auto Repair to fix any performance issues with your fleet. We can keep the same service schedule for all vehicles so that the entire fleet stays road-ready. Come to us for all oil changes, filter changes, tune-ups, lube services, engine diagnostics, tire services, factory-scheduled maintenance, and more! Give us a call today at 410-579-8422 to schedule your next fleet service appointment at our shop located at 6347 Macaw Ct, Elkridge MD 21075. Save yourself some time by using our convenient online scheduling system. Choose a day and time that works best for you and our team will perform top-of-the-line fleet services. Next time you’re in the Elkridge area, feel free to stop by with any questions, concerns, or fleet repair needs. Our goal is to get your fleet, and keep your fleet, at full strength.